General Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ

The decision to speak with a counselor or therapist often takes a great deal of courage. Understanding that therapy can help is the first step toward facing your challenges and overcoming them.

Whether you are feeling generally overwhelmed with life, facing tough decisions, struggling in your marriage or relationships or dealing with life transitions, Dr. Bjorkman in Scottsdale, AZ is an experienced therapist who can help. She offers a welcoming environment and an approach that is goal-driven.

Benefits of Therapy

  • Therapy can provide a source of support
  • Therapy can help you develop important problem-solving skills
  • Therapy can help you establish coping strategies for a number of issues
  • Therapy can help with stress-management
  • Therapy can help you address body image issues or low self esteem
  • Therapy can help you deal with anger issues

What To Expect

No matter what issues you're facing, Dr. Amy Bjorkman will work with you individually to offer a fresh perspective and help you navigate toward a solution.

Dr. Bjorkman can offer you counseling and therapy on a short-term basis to address a specific issue, or on a more long-term basis to deal with a number of issues while working toward overall personal growth.