Licensed Psychologist & Counselor in Scottsdale, AZ

Counselor & Therapist Treating Trauma, Anxiety & Depression

Dr. Amy Bjorkman is a Licensed Psychologist in Scottsdale, AZ, specializing in treating adults suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse and both teens and adults suffering from eating disorders. Dr. Bjorkman has experience and education in the treatment of eating disorders and trauma counseling and has rightfully gained a reputation for being the top therapist treating these issues in Scottsdale, AZ.

She prides herself on being straightforward and honest with her clients, who always knows what to expect and where they stand at each therapy session, in order to best reach their goals.

Dr. Bjorkman focuses on Individual Attention

To ensure that each client is getting the individualized treatment and attention they deserve, Dr. Bjorkman tailors her approach the meet the individual's counseling needs. She works with her clients to find a solution and develop the skills and coping methods needed to heal and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Bjorkman knows that making the decision to seek therapy is often a frightening one that takes a great deal of courage. But once that decision is made, she has seen how tremendously rewarding her treatment can be when her clients reach their goals and overcome the challenges that have been holding them back. Whether you are seeking a counselor for anxiety therapy, therapy for depression, need help coping with a traumatic event, or are generally feeling overwhelmed or depressed, Dr. Bjorkman is ready to help you overcome life's toughest challenges.

Welcoming and Professional Atmosphere

Dr. Amy Bjorkman in Scottsdale treats her clients with professionalism and respect. She offers a down-to-earth, straightforward counseling approach to help her clients feel comfortable and capable. Whether you receive anxiety therapy, trauma counseling or therapy for depression, Dr. Bjorkman will guide you as she works with you to address the challenges you're facing.

She offers a lighthearted and gentle approach, but also provides deep and intensive treatment as needed to ensure that her clients achieve their goals.

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